Playing the Race

Reading Odds
The odds are publicized when the betting tickets go on sale. This section explains how to read the odds.
Filling Out the OMR Card

Two types of OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) cards are used, depending on the betting style. Let's look at the various betting methods.

● An OMR betting card can only be used to place bets for a single betting type for a single race at a single stadium.

Fill in only one race stadium.

(2)Bet Type

Fill in only one bet type (type of betting ticket).

(3)Race number

Fill in only one race number.


Fill in the combination to bet on.


Fill in the amount of your bet.


Fill in the units for the amount of your bet.


Fill in to cancel the corresponding bet.

Payout Rules

After the race outcome is finalized, the payout is announced. If your prediction matches, cash in your betting ticket at the payout window.

Payout Notes
● Do not throw away your betting ticket until the announcement of the final outcome!
If a boat becomes absent from the race due to a flying start or late start, all bets on that boat will be refunded. Make sure to wait for the announcement of the final outcome before visiting the payout window as rankings may change due to interference or disqualification.
● Payouts Valid for 60 Days!
Uncashed betting tickets (including refunds) are valid for 60 days from the next day after betting.